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Data Centre

We run our services from a newly built facility located just outside Nottingham city centre. The centre is easily accessible by both car and public transport, boasts excellent parking facilities and benefits from its close proximity to a number of NCT tram and bus stops.

Our world-class, energy efficient facility offers a variety of benefits for our customers, from conception through the design phase to the final build. Resilience is our watchword, with all components designed to be N+1 as a minimum.

The facility has been designed and built with growth in mind. We have taken a modular approach, which means that extra capacity may be added when required. Whatever your capacity and monitor requirements, we can provide it for you

Cost effictive Secure Adaptable
Energy efficiency equals cost effectiveness – and our facility is as efficient as it gets. Our facility is protected with physical security and monitors. Moreover, visitors are required to make an appointment to enter the site and must provide identification before entry is granted – ensuring we know exactly who is on site and when. Our modular design means that individual requirements can be accommodated where possible.


Facility overview

Our facility has been designed to the very highest standards, from the fabric of the data centre to the infrastructure supporting the systems running within it.

The facility is a newly built data centre which has been designed to the very highest standards, from the fabric of the data centre to the infrastructure supporting the systems held and running within it.

Size Power Resilience / Protection Services
Data Hall 120m2 Dedicated site substation N+1 Power Local support team, including remote hands and eyes support options.
Plant Room 20m2 225kW N+1 Air conditioning Security fencing and access control systems
49 racks across 4 cold isle contained POD's Capable of a total ?MVA FM200 Fire detection and suppression systems.
Smoke/Heat detectors and VESDA monitoring.
Visitor access on an appointment basis with Photo ID verification.

Controlled expandability

As well as providing flexibility, our modular design ensures that power and cooling are “right sized”, keeping inefficiencies to a minimum and therefore minimising costs.

Multimillion pound investment

Considerable investment has put into the data centre. To ensure that this investment was used to its greatest effect, we designed the facility from the “ground up” rather than trying to fit a solution around a default blueprint.

Built for uptime and efficiency

The data centre is built to Tier 3 standard – ensuring that the “lights are kept on”. The design is highly efficient and guarantees resiliency from provider to the server cabinet.

  • Power N+1
  • Cooling N+1
  • Network N+1
  • A + B Power in the cabinet

Infrastructure can be can be maintained without impacting upon services. If a single component fails this will not affect the running of the data centre, and we have a target of 99.99% uptime or better.


We offer dedicated co-location space to our customers, which gives us the adaptability to suit our customers’ needs. Whether you have a single server or require a full bank of disaster recovery services, we can provide the right co-location solution for you.


The facility is secured to meet stringent industry guidelines. The building features security fencing and gates around the perimeter, and we employ physical security, access control and careful monitoring.

Our door access system ensures that only authorised personnel, internal staff/customers and contractors are able to enter approved areas. All cabinets in the data hall are secured and access is granted to authorised personnel only. In addition, all cabinets are secured with combination locks. Dedicated co-location customers are issued with codes for their cabinets, so only authorised staff and contractors can gain access to your hardware.

Shared co-location customers are granted access to their hardware by one of the data centre team, ensuring that the correct equipment is accessed, installed or removed. At no time are customers left unattended in the shared co-location cabinets.

Efficient Cooling

Our co-location cabinets are cooled in the most efficient way possible, with cooling primarily achieved by using contained cold aisles within the data hall. Traditionally, entire data floors would be kept cold, but, using this system, cooled and hot air would mix – reducing the cooling efficiency of the HVAC systems and forcing the systems to work harder and use more energy.

Our cold aisle-contained PODs ensure that all cooling is focused on your hardware and not the ambient air.




You can see the air mixing and effectively wasting the cooled air and reducing its effectiveness.





Our cold aisle contained POD's ensure the all cooling energy requirements are focused in cooling your hardware not the ambient air. All cooled are is directed to the hardware inlets ensuring your equipment is provided with relevant cooling, this helps to ensure the systems internal fans are not over working due to inefficient facility cooling.


Connectivity options can be given according to your individual requirements. We can provide a range of cost-effective options from shard internet access to dedicated point to point links. We are also provider neutral, which means we can offer the most effective solution to suit your requirements, all the way from basic internet connectivity through to resilient vendor independent circuits.

We offer various connectivity options including shared internet access from our own network, which is built using diverse circuits into the building from multiple suppliers, ensuring that any failures at the carrier level will not affect us.

All circuits are terminated in our demarcation cabinets and connected to your systems with crosslinks, and we can provide connectivity via all the main carriers to suit your requirements.

'Meet me' and Cross links

All customers need to get connectivity from the provider to their hardware. We provide “meet me” areas where the provider will terminate the circuit and cross connects to your device(s).

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